Intimate Yosemite Hiking Engagement Photoshoot | Northern California Wedding Photographer

Alex & Ana really wanted their engagement photos somewhere special and unique. What better place than Yosemite, just a 4.5 hour drive from Sacramento. Once we got there, we stopped by Lower Yosemite Falls.

Alex & Ana had the spotlight. Everyone near by stopped and turned their focus to the photogenic couple. Alex & Ana made my job extremely easy, leaving me with no task other than little posture instructions and capturing their cute moments! 

We finished up at the waterfall and made our way up to Taft Point. Taft Point is located 20 minutes from Glacier Point. If you were to ever drive to Glacier Point, you'd see the parking lot to Sentinel Dome and Taft Point Parking lot prior to arriving to your destination.

We had some doubt upon arrival due to some heavy snowfall but, nonetheless, we were determined to get the scene we came for. We came prepared to hike, complete with full hiking gear, backpacks, and extra bags of spare clothes and other props. It was a short 30 minute hike compared to the other hikes Yosemite offers.

Once we arrived at Taft Point, Alex and Ana quickly dressed up and we went from there. We made it just in time for the most beautiful sunset, a perfect way to end the night. Shoutout to our new friends from orange county that were there with us and helped us navigate our way out of the snow and another congrats to Alex and Ana!