Romantic Evening Wedding in Sacramento - Luis & Joanna

Romantic Evening Wedding in Sacramento - Luis & Joanna

This wedding is special. Not only because it’s a wedding but because how I ended up their wedding photographer. I got a phone call from Joanna. I was referred to Joanna from another client Ana Foksha as I shot their engagement in Yosemite. Joanna was in quite a pickle. Their photographer was re-diagnosed with cancer so she had to cancel their engagement and wedding. Although I wasn’t able to photograph their engagement the day after I got her phone call, I managed to switch some things around and book their wedding. Being in a situation where things are out of your control is both mentally and physically difficult. I don’t have an update for their other photographers, but I pray everything is good.

Little did I know - Joanna and Luis were one of my favorites! I met up with them to talk some stuff over and sign some papers. I love to meet up with my clients. Most of my work is local - but if it’s someone that I can’t meet - FaceTime is a must! I love meeting people and getting to know what they’re like in real life.

Their friends and families were very hospitable and nice! From the moment when I walked into the prep rooms, I felt like I wasn’t an outcast. I felt like I belonged there.

While Luis was getting ready in Midtown Sacramento with my really good friend Eugene, I took off to Kimpton Sawyer Hotel in Downtown Sacramento where Joanna was getting ready. It was my first time at the hotel and it was one of the best views to experience in Sacramento. Definitely a place to revisit once opportunity strikes.

Once everyone was ready, we took off to the ceremony which took place at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament which was a few blocks down east of the hotel. It was my first time shooting at the Cathedral - it was beautiful! After the ceremony, we took off to the State Capitol Park World Peace Rose Garden for the formal photos. After doing some formals - we took off to the reception. It was my first time shooting at the Antiquite Maison Privee in Midtown Sacramento. The wedding was really fun. I would not stop filling up cards, as this wedding was the most photographed weddings I have ever shot at 7500 photos.

I picked out my favorites for you guys to check out. Please, let me know what you guys think below!

Intimate Sacramento Wedding - Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center / The Sterling Hotel

Intimate Sacramento Wedding - Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center  / The Sterling Hotel

Paul and Natalie had a very short and intimate wedding.

Their wedding took place at the Sterling Hotel in Sacramento.

Though it was very short, though it was very memorable. It's always an awesome feeling being able to document a wedding of my dear friends. 

Paul & Natalie, I wish you nothing but the best in your journey ahead together.

An Elegant Sacramento Engagement Session | NorCal Photographer

An Elegant Sacramento Engagement Session | NorCal Photographer

It hasn't even been three weeks ago that I was out on a dock taking pictures of my brother popping the knee on a dock in South Lake Tahoe, and here I am writing a blog post about their engagement session that just happened a couple days ago. It all started with a brunch to Black Bear Diner. After getting some food, we made our way to Dixon, CA to a specific orchard that my brother and his fiancé wanted to go. With the help of clouds, we were able to play with different lighting and managed to get some really colorful shots. After Dixon, we made it back to the city. Downtown Sacramento was very welcoming! Thanks to my girlfriend Oxie, we managed to get rooftop access to her work parking garage for some really one of a kind photos from a place that doesn't provide public access. Let the photos tell the rest.