Dreamy & Romantic Forest Proposal in Sly Park, CA

I have been friends with Nazariy for many years. Just recently, Nazariy found the love of his life, Tanya. Anytime I look at his Instagram or Snapchat story, they're always out and about enjoying each others' company. Whether it be biking, having dinner, getting their photos done by other photographers or Tanya making a double chocolate cake, they really know how to have fun together. 

This proposal was quite unique. We had to convince Tanya that this is a typical photoshoot that they've done with other photographers. Nazariy and I have planned this for quite some time. We ended up going to the curves of Stinson Beach to find a location to propose, to Mt. Davidson, to Sly Park. Sly Park really fit with what we've been looking for. 

Nazariy had his brother Alex set up the area for him with their little sister, and the rest was history. Allow these photos to speak for themselves.