Intimate wedding creative session in San Francisco | San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Shooting with Paul and Olya was really fun. We didn't have too much time to shoot as we planned for an all-day shoot. Little did you know that in our Slavic culture, hardly anyone is ever on time. We met up at the golden gate park in San Francisco, ca at around 3pm and only had an hour to shoot there before we had to go to half moon bay. I hate being rushed. I like to take my time and perfect a shot. But sometimes you have visitors, dog walkers, tourists, and nosy people that won't let you have your way. Being on a time crunch was one of the hardest things. It's sure one heck of a responsibility to fulfill when there is no "Second chance." with the help of my girlfriend Oksana Kambur we managed to knock this out quite easily. The bridal party was well behaved and listened to my every request. Here are some of my favorites from this day.