Taber Ranch Barn Wedding in Capay, CA // Nazariy & Tatyana

Taber Ranch Vineyard & Event Center

Let me start off by saying I love you guys. You two are young, smart, and beautiful inside and out. I grew up with Nazariy, he’s always been a stud. A gentleman who loves his parents, who respects his parents, and who would do anything for them. I always looked up to him, I have to say. He’s kinda somebody I wanted to be throughout the high school years. He was very liked and respected by his classmates and his teachers. It was an honor having a friend like Nazariy. He would always text me at 11am on a Sunday morning asking if i’m coming to church to save him a spot, he would always say what’s up, have something nice to say.

I remember when he met Tanya. It took him a while to tell me who it is, but it happened and oh boy was he crazy about her. After some time, things got serious real quick and I get a text from Nazariy asking me for some advice on proposals. He wanted something special, out of the ordinary, something that she will NEVER expect.

Tanya, the perfect human being that she is, has some modeling skills and that was opportunity. As Nazariy & Tanya both have experience in styled shoots, we decided that it will be a perfect opportunity to use that to our advantage into surprising her with the proposal. Get them to dress super fancy, go into the deepest of the woods, and capture their love.

We scouted a few locations, anywhere from San Francisco to Placerville. We planned everything out and managed to settle with Sly Park where the proposal took place. Link to the shoot is below.

Ever since their proposal, I wanted to photograph their wedding. I wanted to be part of their special day and capture every single raw emotion that I possibly can. I wanted to make their day special.

Their wedding took place at Taber Ranch Vinyard and Event Center in Capay, CA. It was a beautiful and sunny day. The bridal suite and the grooms gettin’ ready rooms were just beautiful. Who’d knew that the bride would be getting ready inside of a restored School Bus?! Their wedding was perfect!

Nobody but Taber Ranch can express how magical their place actually is. “Taber Ranch Vineyard & Event Center is truly a unique and secluded country setting.  The site is surrounded by rolling hills, grapevines, olive and almond orchards providing a spectacular background for your wedding or special event.  Our Wedding Hill plateau provides a panoramic view of the valley.  The lawn area overlooks a pond filled with colorful Koi and our 90 year old rustic, but elegant barn is bordered by a babbling brook.  Guests are welcome to stroll along our garden path and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. “

I can talk forever, but I will let the photos speak for themselves.