Slava Daniliuk is Sacramento, CA based though serves clients throughout the world.

Check out some of my work below!



Engagement sessions my favorite. You really get to know who the couple really is. You get comfortable with each other and this makes the wedding day that much easier & less stressful knowing you've worked with that person before.


Weddings can be stressful. I want to capture the true love you share, the stuff that gives you butterflies, the moments where you can't let go of each other. The things that really matter between you and your significant other. Moments where you can look back and say, "that is why I married you". I want to be the person that captures moments no one else is watching. 



The cool thing about lifestyle photography is that you are the director, coordinator, producer, director of photography and the post production. You make all the rules and everything you do is in your hands. You make the call from the initial steps to the release of the final product.